Community Efforts

Actively Involved

Classic Carpentry continues to be active in the community, combining efforts with other associations. Our passion lies in rising up children from troubled families, feeding the unfortunate and teaching many others the trade of carpentry while presenting ourselves as positive role models and mentors to those in need. We do this through sharing our gifts and talents with them through workshops and community outreach programs. The future of our building trades relies on our children coming out of high school and Classic Carpentry wants to be an influence on those that may not have the ability or desire to pursue college. For others, this may be their only opportunity to begin pursuing a career that will allow them to live a healthy and prosperous life.

In 2020, after the national lockdown was over, John Brechel formed a Woodworking Experience for Kids, A workshop through the Grow Church, Grow Group format. This workshop is on Saturday mornings where a parent and child construct many different woodworking projects in a cabinet shop environment. This provides an opportunity for both parent and child to learn the basics of building as well as quality connection time with each other and the other families.

The workshop expanded into a Serve Day project, organized by Grow Church which involved re-construction of the exterior of a home that had been devastated by Hurricane Irma occupied by a fellow, Christian family.

The holidays presented the opportunity to aid in delivering over 800 toys to Immokalee through a Project Outreach program.

Community Efforts

The Mustard Seed Ranch

We are also presently working on a project with The Mustard Seed Ranch, a non-profit organization that focuses on mentoring troubled teens. These children are being identified in the school systems and being placed into a program that allows them to see that there is another way and that they are not forgotten. Our present project is developing 1 acre of land at an animal sanctuary, building raised potting beds for vegetable planting, wooden bridges for a future walking path as well as animal enclosures for the resident Lemurs and Baboons.
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